Re: Fixing appcache: a proposal to get us started

On 01/05/2013, at 2:20 PM, Jonas Sicking <> wrote:

> The current AppCache spec suffers from this too, but only once users
> go offline. I.e. I can use FALLBACK to take over
> using a resource from from
> But that only works when the user is offline, which limits the damage a little.

Yeah, I noticed that too; like you say, it's pretty limited. I did some quick testing and couldn't get current implementations to do it (I think because either they haven't completely implemented fallback, or I wasn't properly triggering it).

> The only solution that I can see to this problem is requiring that
> manifests, or navigationcontroller-scripts are only allowed to "take
> over" URLs that are "below" them. I.e.
> could only control
> navigations to URLs with the prefix "".
> You could still redirect resource loading in more flexible ways, but
> maybe top-level page loads needs to have this restriction.

Possibly. I'm still a bit wary of that; there are some *weird* CMSs out that that hide lots of things behind opaque, unstructured URLs.


Mark Nottingham

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