Re: [Shadow DOM] Simplifying level 1 of Shadow DOM


This is an interesting suggestion. Here are some notes:

Reducing to one insertion point doesn't, in itself, eliminate

>> distribution, getDistributedNodes(), etc
>> <content select>

I assume you mean "one insertion point that always selects everything".

Also, fwiw,

>> <shadow>

we use for inheritance.


>> * reprojection

we use for composition.

"We" in the above refers to my team which is using ShadowDOM (in native and
polyfill forms) to make interesting custom elements.

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 2:42 PM, Edward O'Connor <> wrote:

> (Resent from correct email address)
> Hi,
> First off, thanks to Dimitri and others for all the great work on Shadow
> DOM and the other pieces of Web Components. While I'm very enthusiastic
> about Shadow DOM in the abstract, I think things have gotten really
> complex, and I'd like to seriously propose that we simplify the feature
> for 1.0, and defer some complexity to the next level.
> I think we can address most of the use cases of shadow DOM while
> seriously reducing the complexity of the feature by making one change:
> What if we only allowed one insertion point in the shadow DOM? Having
> just 1 insertion point would let us push (most? all?) of this complexity
> off to level 2:
> * distribution, getDistributedNodes(), etc.
> * selector fragments & matching criteria
> * /select/ combinator
> * <content select>
> * <shadow> ?
> * reprojection
> Notably, I don't think insertion point(s) get used (much or at all) in
> WebKit's internal shadow trees, so I don't think all of the above
> complexity is worth it right now. Baby Steps.[1]
> Ted
> 1. The lost HTML design principle:

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