Re: roadmap for inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities

Hi Lisa,

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> Over the weekend I put up a (very) draft outline for a roadmap for  
> inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities. See  
> The most relivent part  
> is probebly the specification suggestion at  
> Do you think we should set some time at the FTF to see how WebAPPs can  
> fit in?

Hi Lisa,

After talking to my co-chair, we believe are not ready to schedule WebApps  
time for this. The draft is at too early and too conceptual a stage so  
far. Web Apps generally works on a more or less concrete proposal for a  
given API or set of APIs (and assocaited markup as relevant).

We don't think the group has the necessary expertise and understanding to  
be an effective place to develop the work from its current stage.

If you will be at the meetings I encourage you to talk to *people* from  
Web Apps, and explain the direction you are working in, to see if they can  
offer insight or if you can offerit to them. But I think that at this  
stage you should be developing this further in WAI before coming back to  
Web Apps with a potential proposal for work. (There may be resistance  
there to some of the things you are aiming to do, but it is less than in  
other places, and there is more expertise there than in other parts of  



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