Re: File API: auto-revoking blob URLs

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 1:49 PM, Jonas Sicking <> wrote:
> That's actually an orthogonal question to the one you raised in the
> initial comment in this thread. That problem applies as long as
> autorevoking URLs exist at all, independent of what the default is.

In that sense it is the same question really: How does auto-revoking
work? (I suppose the "orthogonal" bit is what the default should be
and whether it can be changed from what is currently the default, but
if we cannot change the current "broken" default I find it hard to
image anyone ever opting into the other model.)

> However I think that we can support autorevoking still. In gecko we
> perform a "dereferencing" step where we resolve the URL against the
> baseURL etc. This obviously have to happen synchronously since you
> can't restart all requests if the baseURL changes. Once that step has
> been performed it's safe to revoke the URL.

Without details on the specifics, it's hard to reason about this
model. E.g. when are

  <div>.style.backgroundImage = "url(" + url + ")"
  <img>.src = url
  <img>.srcset = "1x" + url + ", 2x " + url2"GET", url)
  <style> body { background:url(url) } </style>



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