Re: MathML and "Clipboard API and events"

Hi Paul, thanks for your comments.
> Mathematical information
> This section says "MathML often needs to be transformed to be
> copied as plain text, for example to make sure "to the power of"
> is shown with the caret "^" sign in a formula plain-text input."
> Such a transformation should not be part of a normal copy operation
> since that would transfer MathML. My concern is that readers get the
> idea that x 2 should always or often be transformed to x^2.

What about saying something like 

"Some applications may want to place plain text alternatives along with MathML formulas on he clipboard, for example to make sure .." ?

>  10.  Mandatory data types
> I am surprised not to see a MathML type in this list

Well, since you mention it.. I've filed a bug ( ) in response to your question. If you have comments or information please add (either by replying here or in the bug). Would be great if you could help me understand whether allowing an application to write MathML to the clipboard could expose an app to attacks if the MathML markup is pasted without further processing - see also

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