Re: [webcomponents]: Of weird script elements and Benadryl

On Apr 14, 2013, at 10:49 AM, Scott Miles wrote:

> >>  the challenge with creating a "normal constructor"
> Forgive me if my language is imprecise, but the basic notion is that in general one cannot create a constructor that creates a DOM node because (most? all?) browsers make under the hood mappings to internal code (C++ for Blink and Webkit). For example, note that HTMLElement and descendents are not callable from JS. 
> Erik Arvidsson came up with a strategy for overcoming this in Blink, but to my recollection Boris Zbarsky said this was a non-starter in Gecko. 
> Because of this constraint Dimitri's current system involves supplying only a prototype to the system, which hands you back a generated constructor.

I addressed this issue in a follow message.

For background on the problem and general solution see 



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