Re: MathML and "Clipboard API and events"

Hey Paul,

nice to hear you raise this!

I fully agree it should be possible for some JS code such as MathJax to copy MathML to clipboard.
The reason it is not listed as a mandatory data type, I believe, is that I, at least, have been unable to demonstrate the zero risk of doing so. 
I believe I have tried, although this spec has been running since quite long and things maybe have been changed.

Putting html in the clipboard is a requirement and there's a subtle and unspecified (yet) way of "sanitizing" the fragments so that it does not represent a risk when inserted in another context. Recent discussions have emerged about this. All of the browsers which implement html-copying have their own implementation.

Doing the same for MathML, e.g. removing maction, or, at least, any html-sensitive things should be needed. I do not know it is done.

Halvord Steen, the editor of this spec, and others might correct me but I interpret that this is the reason it is not in the required types.

I would be happy if we can formulate such a thing in a convincing way.


> 10. Mandatory data types
> I am surprised not to see a MathML type in this list. I suppose MathML could be typed as application/xml but SVG gets its own image/svg+xml type so I would expect MathML to be treated in an analogous manner. I will admit to not knowing the ramifications of this.
> I also want to mention MathJax ( MathJax is an open source JavaScript engine for rendering MathML and LaTeX in browsers. It could be looked at as a polyfill for the current lack of good browser support for MathML. However, it also has its own UI and processes LaTeX so it will definitely have a place even after browsers routinely render MathML.
> I mention MathJax here as it is a good use case for the clipboard API. It transforms MathML or LaTeX in the web page to a chunk of renderable HTML, CSS, SVG, or even MathML if the browser supports it natively. The user would like to be able to select, cut, copy, and paste a mathematical expression rendered this way as if it was a single object. It sounds like MathJax should be able to do this using this clipboard API, though it does not address the selection aspect. Taking this a step further, someday we might hope to allow the user to select sub-expressions of a mathematical equation for the purpose of cut and copy.
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