RE: What will be the query language for IndexedDb

But there is a query language, you've got indexes, bi-directional cursors, ranges, etc. Admittedly it's not a "Select * from ... " syntax but to me that would seem foreign on the web anyway. Constructing and executing an object model is more consistent with the other standards in the browser such as DOM interaction or the event model.

Keep in mind that IndexedDB is very low level and provides the building blocks for library authors to provide the 'syntax sugar' as it were on top that better suites the way they want to/believe the API should be interacted with.

My 2c on the matter anyway.

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From: Rob VonNesselrode []
Sent: Thursday, 11 April 2013 11:54 AM
Subject: What will be the query language for IndexedDb

By all means take away WebSQL the database but you should then add SQL (the query language) to whatever you put in its place

Without a standardised query language a data store is, well, just a bucket of bits. Whether it is "human readable", key-value paired or not


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