Re: [webcomponents]: Platonic form of custom elements declarative syntax

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 5:35 PM, Daniel Buchner <> wrote:

> One thing I'm wondering re <template> elements and the association of a
> specific script with them, is what is it really doing for me? From what I
> see, not much. It seems the only thing it does, is allows you to have the
> generic, globally-scoped script run at a given time (via a new runwhen___
> attribute) and the implicit relationship created by inclusion within the
> <template> element itself - which is essentially no different than just
> setting a global delegate in any 'ol script tag on the page.

I'd be interested in seeing a reasonable set of semantics defining how that
specific script tag knows what its "this" value is; so far I understand
that inside those script tags, |this| !== |window|.

@Erik, what about |self|? That actually makes more sense and *almost* has a
precedent in worker global scope


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