Re: Reviewing test submissions

Hi Robin and sorry if this has been asked and/or answered elsewhere (I've
been ultra-busy elsewhere as of late),

I suppose that there is a hook in place on the github repo so that
manifests are auto-magically re-generated whenever a new test is added to a
main directory? Or is this still manual?

Thanks for the hard work btw, seeing tests in github is very satisfactory
and appreciated,

-- Julian

On 4 April 2013 16:23, Robin Berjon <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> after having moved the test suite to the GitHub repository, we've been
> busy cleaning things up. One item of particular importance is that
> everything that was in "submission" directories is now in pull requests
> (the very last few of those are right now being finalised).
> The changes being in pull requests makes it very easy for people to review
> the tests. You can just poke at the code, and if it looks good press a big
> green button. It's fun, it makes your hair sheen and your fresh bright, and
> you get to show off at cocktail parties about how you just made a major
> contribution to building a better web for all of humankind and its
> descendants to come.
> All of that with just the press of a big and friendly green button! (And a
> little bit of code reading.)
> So if you're ready for the undying adoration of wild throngs of web
> developers, if you've got the unassumingly humble tone of your "I was just
> doing my job" line, and if in you feel a hankering to press glossy green
> buttons with a motion of such lissom yet muscular grace that bystanders
> feel like it's happening in slow motion, then waste no time and head
> straight for:
> Let's party!
> A big thanks to Ms2ger and Odin for helping a lot with cleaning up the
> moved repo!
> --
> Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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