Move to GitHub: step 1 completed

Dear all,

as you know we're moving all of our tests to the common GitHub 
repository for all web platform tests:

The first step in that move is, well, actually getting the tests there 
(along with full history). That step has now been completed.

This means that, effective immediately, please stop committing tests to 
hg. In practice we can still bring them in, but I would really, really 
rather not have to do that.

A fair amount of cleanup now needs to happen. In the first pass we'll be 
removing depth by moving all the accepted tests to the root of their 
respective directories. After that, we'll need to process the 
submissions backlog. The way that happens is that each submission is 
moved to the root in a branch, which is then turned into a pull request. 
That PR then gets reviewed for integration.

Please note that I've removed the widgets tests. It's a great test 
suite, but widgets don't seem to be part of the web platform today, and 
so they shouldn't be in there.

I'm going to sunset the hg repository by making it read only as soon as 
I can remember how that works.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

Received on Thursday, 4 April 2013 10:00:57 UTC