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RE: [push-api] Moving Push API to FPWD [Was: Re: [admin] Publishing specs before TPAC: CfC start deadline is Oct 15]

Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 10:09:15 +0000
To: "SULLIVAN, BRYAN L" <bs3131@att.com>, Arthur Barstow <art.barstow@nokia.com>
Cc: "public-webapps@w3c.org" <public-webapps@w3c.org>
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On 27 sep 2012 at 05:51:51, SULLIVAN, BRYAN L wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback, Art. I've responded below. I will work on a new
> draft to address as many of your comments as I can.
> Thanks,
> Bryan Sullivan | Service Standards | AT&T
> +1-425-580-6514
> Arthur Barstow wrote on September 26, 2012 11:59 AM:
>> specs before TPAC: CfC start deadline is Oct 15]
>> On 9/26/12 1:49 PM, ext SULLIVAN, BRYAN L wrote:
>>> We've previously called for any comments to the current Push API draft
>> [1], and would like to promote it to FPWD before TPAC. We haven't
>> received any substantive comments as far as I know, which tells me that
>> it could be in good shape for publication. With the addition of
>> Telefonica (Eduardo) as co-editor and simplification / better alignment
>> with proposals for B2G / Firefox OS, I believe we are in shape for FPWD
>> now. So if I could request a CFC for publication as FPWD before Oct 15,
>> that would be our preference.
>>> Alternatively we can put this on the agenda for TPAC and
>> discuss/promote it then as possible. But in the absence of substantive
>> comments (which tells me we have addressed most of the comments on the
>> first ED), I think we should be ready for FPWD.
>>> [1] http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/push/raw-file/default/index.html

>> The requirements for FPWD are relatively loose but because the
>> publication of a FPWD starts a Call for (IP) Exclusions, it is helpful
>> for some reviewers if the breath of the spec is mostly complete,
>> although the depth can certainly be lacking.
>> What is your view on the set of features/scope? Is the ED covering most
>> of the scope? If there are any high priority features missing, what are
>> they?
> IMO the ED is covering the scope well. I don't think any high priority features
> are missing. We removed some of the earlier proposed features in the
> current draft.

I agree we are covering most of the scope. It is a matter of adding more depth.
>> Based on a very quick scan, I noticed:
>> * The Privacy and Security section is empty and I think it would be
>> helpful if some additional informational was added before FPWD.
> I have some text I can add for that.
>> * The Specific Service Bindings section is empty. It seems like this
>> should have some information before FPWD, especially if it is going to
>> be a normative section. (Are some of these "bindings" specified outside
>> the W3C?)
> I think this was intended to be an informative section, unless at least
> one push service is proposed to be standardized. I can provide
> informative text for SMS, SIP, and OMA Push. Browser-specific push
> serices could also be included.
>> * Push Framework - it appears this section should be marked as
>> non-normative. I think it would be helpful if some type of flow diagram
>> was included as well as example application code to use the API
>> (although this non-normative info is not necessarily a blocker for
>> FPWD).
> Agreed, this should be informative.

Yes, it is intended to be an informative section. Flow diagram would definitely be useful, though not necessary to go to FPWD
>> * serverProtocols - what are the expectations for the "valid" set of
>> values; where are they specified?
> Good question. We need some means of registration of well-known services
> so the protocols can be recognized.
>> Some editorial comments ...
>> * Define "Web Intent Push Service provider", "Push server" and "webapp"
>> or add a link to the definitions.
> Will do.
>> * Update the references that are out of date (e.g. HTML5).
> Will do. This is respec.js magic.
>> * Not clear what onopen event is since it isn't part of the PushService
>> API
> I think this may have been an omission, or we were thinking to use a listener
> for changes to the readyState as the "open" event. I will check with Eduardo
> on that.

I think for the time being we can remove onopen as there is no other reference to it in the draft.

>> -Thanks, Art


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