Re: Drag & Drop Web Apps

On Aug 10, 2012, at 12:25 PM, Joran Greef <> wrote:

> 1. Drag files and folders into a web app?

Chrome has this working now for files and folders.

> 2. Drag files and folders out of a web app?

Files may be dragged out; folders may not be-- however, using a container, such as zip, is trivial.

> 3. Drag a spreadsheet out of a web app onto the icon of Excel in the dock and have it open in Excel?

Should work fine.

> 4. Monitor that same spreadsheet's content (originally provided by the web app) for changes when the user edits it and presses CTRL+S?

There was some push back on this issue. Presently one may drag a spreadsheet into the browser and continue editing it; doing polling on the file to detect changes. There is not currently a mount mechanism. Nor a file watcher mechanism.

I suspect we will see both mechanisms appear some time next year.

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