Re: FileReader abort, again

FileReader.abort is like a bad penny :)

> However, I'm not sure it quite matches the normative text in one
> respect.  Where you say [8.5.6 step 4]: "Terminate any steps while
> processing a read method."  Does that also terminate the steps
> associated with an abort that terminated the read method?  Basically
> I'm not sure what "steps while processing a read method" means.

I've changed this to terminate only the read algorithm (and hopefully it is clear this isn't the same as the abort steps): and

> Otherwise, if you start a new read in onabort [8.5.6 step 5], you'll
> still deliver the loadend [8.5.6 step 6].
> This contradicts "Once a loadstart has been fired, a
> corresponding loadend fires at completion of the read, EXCEPT if the
> read method has been cancelled using abort() and a new read method
> has
> been invoked."

This seems like familiar ground, and I'm sorry this contradiction still exists.

So we could:

1. Say not to fire a loadend if onloadend or onabort re-initiate a read.  But this may be odd in terms of analyzing a program before.

2. Simply not fire loadend on abort.  I'm not sure this is a good idea.

What's your counsel?  Have I missed something easier?

-- A*

Received on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 21:43:40 UTC