FileReader abort, again

I like the Event Invariants writeup at the end.  It's only
informative, but it is, indeed, informative.

However, I'm not sure it quite matches the normative text in one
respect.  Where you say [8.5.6 step 4]: "Terminate any steps while
processing a read method."  Does that also terminate the steps
associated with an abort that terminated the read method?  Basically
I'm not sure what "steps while processing a read method" means.

Otherwise, if you start a new read in onabort [8.5.6 step 5], you'll
still deliver the loadend [8.5.6 step 6].
This contradicts "Once a loadstart has been fired, a
corresponding loadend fires at completion of the read, EXCEPT if the
read method has been cancelled using abort() and a new read method has
been invoked."

	Eric [copying this into FileWriter]

Received on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 00:16:23 UTC