Re: [DOM4] Constructor for DOMException?

On Thu, 23 Feb 2012 00:57:54 +0100, Cameron McCormack <>  

> João Eiras:
>>> DOMExceptions have both a code and a message. Perhaps the
>>> constructor should be extended to include both.
> Anne van Kesteren:
>> code is legacy, but name would be good to expose.
> The constructor has the same signature as the standard ECMAScript Error  
> constructors, so we are being consistent there.  I think it's fine for  
> code and name to be assigned after creating the object, if JS needs to  
> create a DOMException object (which I don't expect to be a common thing  
> anyway).

Well, it does make

# throw new DOMException("message")

and bit more verbose:

# var e = new DOMException("message");
# e.code value;
# throw e;

Adding the code as a second optional argument would be ok.

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