Re: Charter clarification: common manifest

On Monday, 30 January 2012 at 21:26, Robin Berjon wrote:

> Hi all,
> there is one aspect of the upcoming charter that I would like to see clarified. Previously, it has been my understanding that if implementers wanted to agree on a common manifest format for web apps, they ought to be able to do so within the bounds of this WG given that the same idea (and therefore the same IP) is already covered by Widgets.
> It's not something that has happened to date, but I'm hearing indications that there could be interest in quickly aligning on a manifest for web apps (that would I presume differ from the one used in Widgets).

Interestingā€¦ pointer to these indicators would be nice (or would be nice to hear from WG members).  
> It would be a shame to close the door right as it looks like it might happen.

Agree. However, an alternative serialisation of the Widget's metadata can be specified in the Native Web Apps CG and then a WG home can be found.   

> So my question is: do the changes around widgets in the charter preclude work on such a common manifest format?
I would hope not.   
> If so, can we simply leave the door open to that so that we don't find ourselves locking that work out when it's most likely to happen?

Again, pointers to where this discussion is happening would be niceā€¦ :)   

Marcos Caceres

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