Re: CfC: to add Speech API to Charter; deadline January 24

On Wed, 25 Jan 2012 00:47:45 +0100, Glen Shires <> wrote:

> Art, Charles,
> We are very pleased to see the positive responses to the CfC.

Me too. FWIW Opera is happy to have this work done. We think it would  
ideally be a joint deliverable (despite the fact that we don't like those  
in general) between WebApps (where there is a lot of expertise in design  
of web APIs, plus a lot of the relevant players) and the Voice group where  
there is a lot of specific expertise, unless we can get all the relevant  
people to join one or other of those groups.

> In particular, we believe this meets all the criteria that Art suggested  
> in [1].

There is the outstanding question of Apple's position...

> What is the next step for adding this to the charter"?

Wait for me to propose a new draft charter. As it happens, I am waiting on  
Google people (Ian Fette is the named target because he brought the  
initial proposal) to explain their IME proposal better, but I intend to  
draft a charter in the next week with whatever we have agreed as a group  
to add, and start it along the approval process (it has to be agreed by  
the W3C membership as a whole).



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