Re: Selection of a document that doesn't have a window

On 1/12/12 10:58 AM, Aryeh Gregor wrote:
> * Firefox 12.0a1 and Opera Next 12.00 alpha return the same thing as
> document.getSelection().

In Gecko, this is arguably an implementation bug.  It returns the 
selection associated with a particular Window object.  Which Window that 
is depends on how the document was created; I don't know that there's 
any such concept in the spec.

> Gecko/WebKit/Opera, we have to decide how to identify which documents
> get their own selections and which don't.  The definition should
> probably be something like "documents that are returned by the
> .document property of some window", but I have no idea if that's a
> sane way to phrase it.

Documents that have a non-null defaultView?  Note that this may not be 
equivalent to your formulation, by the way....


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