Re: File modification

On 1/12/2012 6:34 AM, Glenn Maynard wrote:
> Side-effects of event registration are outside of the DOM event 
> model.  UAs can do whatever transparent optimizations they want, of 
> course, but  APIs shouldn't *depend* on that for efficient 
> implementations.
> Occasional polling definitely has significant overhead (directories 
> may have tens of thousands of files, be on network shares, etc), and 
> should be widely avoided.
> I also wonder whether change notifications work over eg. NFS.  It 
> would be bad if this feature only sometimes worked (especially if it 
> breaks on major but less used configurations like NFS), since once 
> deployed, apps will be designed around it.

On NFS and directories where directory notification is not available: 
send an onchanged event to FileList when an underlying File object 
changes upon access of its entry in FileList.

That is... as I'm looping through FileList grabbing files, it may 
invalidate a File object. FileList has now "changed".
I won't know until the next event loop. That's good enough.

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