Re: [XHR] responseType "json"

* Jarred Nicholls wrote:
>This is an editor's draft of a spec, it's not a recommendation, so it's
>hardly a violation of anything.  This is a 2-way street, and often times
>it's the spec that needs to change, not the implementation.  The point is,
>there needs to be a very compelling reason to breach the contract of a
>media type's existing spec that would yield inconsistent results from the
>rest of the web platform layers, and involve taking away functionality that
>is working perfectly fine and can handle all the legit content that's
>already out there (as rare as it might be).

You have yet to explain how you propose Webkit should behave, and it is
rather unclear to me whether the proposed behavior is in line with the
existing HTTP, MIME, and JSON specifications. A HTTP response with

  Content-Type: application/json;charset=iso-8859-15

for instance must not be treated as ISO-8859-15 encoded as there is no
charset parameter for the application/json media type, and there is no
other reason to treat it as ISO-8859-15, so it's either an error, or
you silently ignore the unrecognized parameter.
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