Re: CfC: publish FPWD of Fullscreen spec; deadline May 24

Le 18/06/12 13:09, Arthur Barstow a écrit :
> On 5/30/12 10:38 AM, ext Daniel Glazman wrote:
>> Le 30/05/12 14:43, Arthur Barstow a écrit :
>>> Chris, Daniel, Peter - when will the CSS WG make a decision on the FPWD?
>> We'll try to make one today during our weekly conf-call. Please note
>> that we're going to review the bits of this document falling under CSS
>> WG's wings. In particular section 6. Peter and I already have discovered
>> a few things :
>> 1. "position: center" in section 6.1 refers to an Editor's Draft that is
>> not actively discussed at this time. Only normative references
>> should be made to CSS specs or the Fullscreen draft will have to wait
>> until that ED becomes a REC to itself become a REC.
>> 2. the ::backdrop pseudo-element is not explained in the document
>> outside of section 6.2. It's unclear to me why it is needed, what
>> it represents, etc.
>> 3. the parenthesis in section 6.2 seems to me to contain a copy/paste
>> error "above the element below the element"
>> 4. "layer" and "layer 10" in section 6.1 are unclear. "Layer" is used
>> nowhere in CSS references used in this spec. This must be clarified.
> Does the latest ED
> <> address
> the above concerns?

No, item 2 above is still not addressed, and I guess most readers
of the document won't understand what functionally represents

>> 1. the definition of requestFullScreen() says what are the steps it
>> should run but it does not even say what feature it provides. I think
>> a sentence saying "The requestFullScreen() method sends a request for
>> the Element to go fullscreen. Please see section 7 for the Security
>> Considerations attached to this method." is needed.
>> 2. allowfullscreen and iframe in section 7 should be hyperlinks. I note
>> the reference is at WHATWG while it should be at W3C.

These two points are still unaddressed too.


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