Re: Clipboard API spec should specify beforecopy, beforecut, and beforepaste events

On 5/1/12 4:52 PM, Ryosuke Niwa wrote:
> Hi,
> Trident and WebKit both implement beforecopy, beforecut, and beforepaste
> events.
> These events need to be spec'ed in
> Most significantly, those events appear to be fired when UAs try to
> determine whether copy, cut, and paste menu items in their native UI
> should be enabled or not. e.g. they fire when context menu is to be shown.

These events are pretty much broken by design; people abuse them 
thinking they always fire before cut/copy/paste and then their code 
fails when keyboard shortcuts are used instead of menu options.  It's a 
bit of an accessibility disaster.

See the extensive discussion in for details.

I think it would be better for the web if these events were not 
specified and were instead removed from Trident and WebKit.

If we _do_ decide to specify them then their interaction with script 
running inside the events that changes the focus needs to be very 
carefully specified, since changing focus will change what 
cut/copy/paste behavior.  I would also need to see some _really_ 
convincing use cases.


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