RE: Speech API Community Group

The proposal mentions that the specification of a network speech protocol is out of scope. This makes sense given that protocols are the domain of the IETF.

But I'd like to confirm that the use of network speech services are in scope for this CG.  Would you mind amending the proposal to make this explicit?


From: Glen Shires []
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 8:13 AM
Subject: Speech API Community Group

We at Google have proposed the formation of a new "Speech API Community Group" to pursue a JavaScript Speech API. We encourage you to join and support this effort. [1]

We believe that forming a Community Group has the following advantages:

- It's quick, efficient and minimizes unnecessary process overhead.

- We believe it will allow us, as a group, to reach consensus in an efficient manner.

- We hope it will expedite interoperable implementations in multiple browsers. (A good example is the Web Media Text Tracks CG, where multiple implementations are happening quickly.)

Google plans to supply an implementation and a test suite for this specification, and will commit to serve as editor.  We hope that others will support this CG as they had stated support for the similar WebApps CfC. [2]

Bjorn Bringert
Satish Sampath
Glen Shires


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