Re: Who is the audience?

On Nov 7, 2011, at 20:52 , Dimitri Glazkov wrote:
> One theme that was easy to observe at the conference was the pondering
> around who those mysterious consumers of what we do are, how to reach
> them, and how to reason about them. I heard people speak of Web
> Authors and Web Developers and making various distinctions about them.
> I heard some folks of arguing that this audience of ours prefers
> markup over scripts, and when faced with concrete examples of the
> opposite, retort that those are just some script library folk, not the
> majority.
> It made me think that perhaps pure democracy as means of assessing the
> needs of such a vast, enormously uneven (in terms of skill and
> influence) audience is severely flawed. And moreover, it's likely
> responsible for the sad situation we're in today, where markup is a
> rare craft, cutting-edge Web apps are nothing but bootstraps for
> loading script, and the actual Web influencers (like jQuery engineers)
> actually have to send designated ambassadors into our realm to try and
> reason with us.

The problem of getting input from our audience is a long-standing one. There are clearly way too many web developers out there for us to ask them all, which means getting feedback requires mediation. In turn, mediation has all sorts of problems, including the usual clique and confirmation biases that can kick in despite the best of intentions.

During the "jQuery Standards Group" breakout, we agreed to kick off the Script Library Community Group ( which could serve as a venue for developers to come provide their ideas and feedback without having to follow a fire hose mailing list such as this one or being crushed to bits by untactful folks. I think it would also make sense for spec writers to send "What do you prefer?" questions there.

There aren't many people on the group yet since it's so fresh, but I think that we can solve that rather quickly. Spreading the word as to its existence is certainly recommended :)

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