Re: [editing] Using public-webapps for editing discussion

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 12:48 PM, Arthur Barstow <> wrote:
> Aryeh - coming back to your question below ...
> Since you are the Chair of the HTML Editing APIs CG [CG], would you please
> explain what you see as the relationship between the CG and WebApps
> vis-à-vis the Editing spec? In particular, what role(s) do the CG and WG
> have?
> For example [1] indicates the CG already has a mail list (public-editing) so
> when would it be used versus public-webapps?

I do not intend to use any of the mailing lists created for the CG at
all.  We don't need our own mailing lists -- it will just fragment
discussion.  The editing spec is too small to deserve its own list.
If it turns out we can use public-webapps, I'll ask that the links on
the CG page point only to that, and that the CG lists be deleted.  If
the CG lists have to continue to exist for whatever reason, I'll make
sure to tell anyone who uses them to use public-webapps instead.

If we can't use public-webapps, then I'll continue using the whatwg
list instead.  I won't use editing-only lists regardless.

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