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Thank you Art.

To clarify, I have heard from a contributor to the specification in question who referred to LocalStorage himself as "little more than a toy", expressing his frustrations at the specification. It is well known that most LocalStorage implementations do not support more than 10mb, some load the entire contents into memory synchronously on first access, and there were some issues around locking that were not addressed as far as I recall. LocalStorage does not work as advertised. Many developers, including myself, got excited, spent hours with it, only to see these issues left unresolved. It would be true to say that most LocalStorage implementations are "crippled" in this sense. No one need be offended since specification and implementation are two separate things. I do wish however, that the specification would have addressed large quota support, and encouraged certain implementation practices, and in this sense I feel that not enough was done. The same with WebSQL. And recently I learned that IDB prevents applications from managing indices? These things are disappointing to us developers. I think we have a right to be critical on these issues where criticism is due. If the specification is inadequate, or burdened by politics, we should be free to say so (respectfully and professionally of course, but also honestly and directly and with the right measure of urgnency), without fear of offending anyone or being policed for it.

Joran Greef

On 31 Mar 2011, at 9:37 PM, Arthur Barstow wrote:

>> This is painful to read.  WebSQL development died because SQLite, the most widely-deployed database software in the world, was too good?  That sounds like a catastrophic failure of the W3C process.
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>> Glenn Maynard
> Hear.
> I am starting to think that Mozilla will step up and provide an embedding of SQLite, even if it has to only think of it as such. It will have to.
> People would rather use a working database than something crippled albeit "specced" (see LocalStorage or IndexedDB).
> It was things like XHR in all their unspecced glory that brought the web to where it is today.

Joran - as one of the moderators of public-webapps, I find your comments above offensive to those that work on the specs you mention.

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