How many ways to save store app data?

Hi All,

Louis-rémi's thread [1] on AppCache led to discussions about other 
storage related APIs including DataCache, Google Gears, IDB and the File 
* APIs.

Are there are any good resources that describe the various storage APIs 
(from the app developer's perspective) and compare their main properties 
such as: primary Use Cases addressed, strengths, weaknesses, 
implementation and deployment status, performance characterizations, 
security concerns, features planed for next version, etc.? The APIs of 
interest include: HTML5 AppCache, DataCache, File * APIs, Google Gears, 
Indexed Database, Web Storage, and Web SQL Database.

In the absence of such resource(s), would anyone be interested in 
leading, or contributing to, an informative document like this?

WebApps does have a related wiki document that was created primarily to 
rationalize the start of the IDB spec vis-ŕ-vis Web SQL Database. This 
document hasn't been touched in over a year and probably needs updating:

-Art Barstow


Received on Monday, 28 March 2011 13:22:12 UTC