Re: Offline Web Applications status

> 2011/3/24 louis-rémi BABE <>
> ## Maybe Web devs don't use App Cache because they don't understand
> what it is... ##
> I think most webdevs are expecting more than what is offered. It seems like a half baked solution to a potentially useful requirement.

I thought I'd add half a cent here, from the perspective of one who isn't a professional web developer... just a hobbyist.

When I heard about the app cache, it seemed like a really great thing. Offline web apps! Cool! A way for the web to become even more ubiquitous!

But, as the comment above hints, it really doesn't seem to be the full delivery of the solution (even when you get past the browser differences, setting up of mime types, debugging all this, etc).  An offline web app is certainly more than just caching the code and ui files, no?  It is also some kind of stand-in for the absent server... data storage, and cross-page state of some sort (e.g. I'd expected something like web workers that can live for a session, not a page).  These aren't all coming together at the same time, and aren't really being presented as a unified "feature" (indeed, I'm not sure that they are being thought of as that)

I'm sure that as html continues it's forward evolution, these will all come into play and we'll eventually see more use of the feature.  


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