[widget] Fixed some tests in Widget Interface test suite

The following tests have been fixed in the widget interface TS... and 
also in the P&C test suite (indicated below).

1. i18nrlo02
Tests that RLO direction applies to the name element's short attribute.
This test is test case for direction of short name.
But there was no short name in the config.xml


2. i18nltr37 (fixed for P&C also)
This test is test case for direction of email attribute.
Config.xml : <author email="The arrow should point right -->" dir="ltr" />
but hook.js said propEquals("authorEmail", "PASS");


3. i18nrlo44 (fixed for P&C also)
Config.xml : <name>SSAP</name> -> apply by rlo : PASS
Hook.js : propEquals("name", "\u202EPASS\u202C"); -> 
"\u202EPASS\u202C");  is "SSAP". This has now been corrected.


Marcos Caceres
Opera Software

Received on Tuesday, 22 March 2011 20:43:02 UTC