[IndexedDB] Two Real World Use-Cases

I have been following the development behind IndexedDB with interest. Thank you all for your efforts.

I understand that the initial version of IndexedDB will not support indexing array values.

May I suggest an alternative derived from my home-brew server database evolved from experience using MySql, WebSql, LocalStorage, CouchDb, Tokyo Cabinet and Redis?

1. Be able to put an object and pass an array of index names which must reference the object. This may remove the need for a complicated indexing spec (perhaps the reason why this issue has been pushed into the future) and give developers all the flexibility they need.

2. Be able to intersect and union indexes. This covers a tremendous amount of ground in terms of authorization and filtering.

These two needs are critical.

Without them, I will either carry on using WebSql for as long as possible, or be forced to use IndexedDb as a simple key value store and layer my own indexing on top.

I am writing an email application and have to deal with secondary indexes of up to 4,000,000 keys. It would not be ideal to do intersects and unions on these indexes in the application layer.


Joran Greef

Received on Tuesday, 1 March 2011 15:35:11 UTC