Re: [workers] Moving the Web Workers spec back to Last Call WD

Hi Ian, All,

Given the information below, I think it would be useful to move this 
spec to a "test-ready" state. That is, publish it as a Last Call Working 
Draft now and if there are known issues, document them in the Status of 
the Document Section. Then, after a fixed review period, if no 
substantial changes are agreed, the spec can be moved to Candidate 
Recommendation and work on a test suite can begin. Naturally, if major 
changes are agreed, the spec will need to return to Working Draft.

Are there any objections to doing the above?

-Art Barstow

On Feb/14/2011 5:18 AM, ext Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Feb 2011, Arthur Barstow wrote:
>> Regarding re-publishing the Web Workers spec [ED] as a new Last Call
>> Working Draft ...
>> Bugzilla shows one open bug [Bugs]:
>>    11818 - As documented in the "Creating workers" section, a worker *must* be
>> an external script.
>> What high priority work must be done such that this spec is ready to be
>> re-published as a new Last Call Working draft?
> None, to my knowledge. The bug above is a feature request.
>> In particular, what are the proposals, plans and timeline to address the
>> above bug?
> I expect to address the issue of supporting data: URL scripts in workers
> at the same time as adding the ability to do cross-origin shared workers,
> currently estimated to be in 6 to 18 months, depending on browser
> implementation progress on other features in the same timeframe.
> HTH,

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