Re: [webstorage] Moving Web Storage back to Last Call WD

On Sat, 12 Feb 2011, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> What high priority work must be done such that this spec is ready to be
> re-published as a new Last Call Working draft?

Tab, do you know of anything that is blocking redoing an LC?

(Personally I'm fine with it going to REC yesterday, so...)

> Bugzilla shows no open bugs for this spec [Bugs] and the latest ED includes
> the following:
> [[
> The use of the storage mutex to avoid race conditions is currently considered
> by certain implementors to be too high a performance burden, to the point
> where allowing data corruption is considered preferable. Alternatives that do
> not require a user-agent-wide per-origin script lock are eagerly sought after.
> If reviewers have any suggestions, they are urged to send them to the
> addresses given in the previous section. [...]
> ]]
> In particular, what are the proposals, plans and timeline to address the 
> above issues?

There is no proposal to address the issue. The plan is to wait for someone 
to have an idea. The timeline is thus open-ended.

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