Re: Mouse Capture for Canvas

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 3:55 PM, Brandon Andrews <> wrote:

> Actually this would be used for both fullscreen and non-fullscreen
> applications.
> The reason for this is because it's often CPU intensive to run a complex
> canvas
> application in fullscreen.

Looking forward not-very-far, <canvas> will be scaled using the GPU for most
users, so this issue should go away. Or, you can put the canvas in the
middle of a blank page and make that fullscreen.

What are some real use-cases for capturing with the mouse up in
non-fullscreen windows? Do a significant number of users want to play
mouse-capturing games in non-fullscreen mode?

I agree an API to get mouse deltas is needed. I would suggest introducing a
completely separate API that lets applications monitor mouse deltas while
their window has focus, one that doesn't interact with normal mouse events
at all.

I don't think requiring a user click on a page to trigger capture is good
enough to prevent abuse. It's easy to get users to click on things in the

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