Re: [chromium-html5] LocalStorage inside Worker

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:06 PM, Charles Pritchard <> wrote:

> FWIW: websql is mostly abandoned, though super handy on ios mobile devices.

It's been around for a while in everything other than FF and IE.

> IndexedDB is live in Chrome, Firefox and the MS interop team released a
> prototype for IE.

For the record, we haven't shipped it to stable yet, though we do have a
version in the dev channel.  We're hoping to ship before long though (once
we get the API back up to date).

> Moz and webkit both just implement IDB atop of their internal sqlite
> processes. That is, thy create a simple websql schema.

For now, yes.  It's actually pretty fast though!

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:31 PM, Joćo Eiras <>

> > Afaik, websql does not support blobs.
> >
> If stored as strings, it does. sqlite treats TEXT as an opaque buffer.

Not all binary can be expressed at UTF16.  Note that this is also a
limitation of LocalStorage as well.


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