[Bug 10624] [Selection] Selection anchorNode/anchorOffset/focusNode/focusOffset do not match existing browser behaviour


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(In reply to comment #8)
> Created attachment 941 [details]
> Proposed spec patch
> This specs a reasonable approximation of Firefox's behavior, based on a
> combination of black-box testing and source code inspection.  No other browser
> seems to do anything sane here.  I haven't actually tried running the
> preprocessor or anything since I have no idea how that works, so I'm more or
> less cargo-culting the specific markup.

It worked out fine; ping me on IRC if you'd like to get it set up.

> Some stylistic thoughts:
> * Is the "(respectively)" wording clear enough, or should it be more
> long-winded and explicit?

That's fine, IMO.

> * Should it be "should" or "must" for the direction of the selection if created
> by the user?

I made it a must, people can complain if that's too harsh.

(Also, note that IE's implementation is spec-based.)

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