Re: Limited DOM in Web Workers

> I would strongly advice using e4x. It seems unlikely to be picked up
> by other browsers, and I'm still hoping that we'll remove support from
> gecko before long.

I assume you meant to say "advise *against*"?

> My question is instead, what part of the DOM is it that you want? One
> of the most important features of the DOM is modifying what is being
> displayed to the user. Obviously that isn't the features requested
> here. Another important feature is simply holding a tree structure.
> However plain javascript objects do that very well (better than the
> DOM in many ways).
> Other features of the DOM include form handling, parsing attribute
> values in the form of integers, floats, comma-separated lists, etc,
> URL resolving and more. Much of this doesn't seem very interesting to
> do on workers, or at least important to have the browser provide an
> implementation for in workers.
> Hence I'm asking, why specifically would you like to access a DOM from workers?

Really, only two sections: DOMParser, and holding and manipulating the
tree (appendChild/removeChild/createElement/createTextNode, etc). The
goal here is to allow workers to parse/serialise/manipulate XML with
the same power and flexibility we have with the native JSON parser.

Received on Saturday, 8 January 2011 09:29:11 UTC