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> On Mon, 27 Dec 2010 14:24:39 +0900, Robert O'Callahan <
>> wrote:
>  The sanitization algorithm needs to consider <style> elements and 'style'
>> content attributes. Some browsers, e.g. IE, support CSS features that
>> allow script execution.
> Good point. Would it be sufficient to say something like
> "If the implementation supports embedding javascript: URLs or other forms
> of scripting inside CSS instructions, such scripts must be removed." ?

Probably not. One problem is that if some implementation supports
CSS-triggered scripts via some CSS extension, then ideally other
implementations would ensure that those extensions are stripped. E.g. Opera
doesn't support IE's expression() CSS extension, but if an Opera user pastes
untrusted HTML into a Web site, IE users may become vulnerable.

Maybe your spec should just mention that something needs to be done here and
move on. This is a rather tough issue and it wouldn't be fair to make you
responsible for solving it :-).

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