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>> The sanitization algorithm needs to consider <style> elements and 'style'
>> content attributes. Some browsers, e.g. IE, support CSS features that
>> allow script execution.
> I think it might be better to define this in the opposite way. I.e. list
> the things we want to allow through. This will probably lead to a longer
> list, but at least safeguards against future features and gives the right
> example to people who happen to look at this document for sanitizing ideas.

I specifically avoided the issue of whether to whitelist or blacklist :-).

Whitelisting is preferably for security, but it turns that the obvious
whitelists break things. For example, some HTML editors expect to be able to
get pasted HTML from Microsoft Word containing -mso styles, which they will
then process into something else. So a CSS whitelist would need to include
at least some -mso stuff, and who knows what else.

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