Re: [widgets] Plan to publish Proposed Recommendations for P&C, Interface and DigSig specs


To help me track the status of the widget specs that are nearing 
Proposed Recommendation (PR), I created the following document using the 
PR "transition request" template:

This data indicates only the P&C spec is currently ready for a CfC to 
publish a PR.

Comments on this document are welcome.


On 5/26/11 11:58 AM, ext Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Over the last few days, CfCs were started to publish Last Call Working 
> Drafts of three of the widget specs: Packaging and Configuration, 
> Interface and Digital Signature.
> By the time the LC comment period ends (June 28), Marcos expects to 
> have data that at least two independent implementations pass 100% of 
> these specs' test suites. As such, if no substantive changes must be 
> made as a result of the LC review, we will not publish Candidate 
> Recommendations for these specs and the next publication will be 
> Proposed Recommendations.
> To clarify this intent to reviewers, the specifications' Status 
> section will include this plan (as well as links to the spec's test 
> suite and implementation report).
> Thanks Marcos for leading this effort and agreeing to this schedule 
> and plan!
> -Regards, Art Barstow

Received on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 14:13:48 UTC