Re: [widget] technology/specification name

On Jun 23, 2011, at 20:17 , Scott Wilson wrote:
> I think the name "widgets" came from the heritage of Opera Widgets, Nokia Widgets, Apple Dashboard Widgets (etc). 

Actually it came from a massive bikeshed discussion some time in 2006 IIRC; if memory serves during a f2f hosted by AOL. A lot of options were floated but as in all bikeshed discussions there was no winning argument, and the final name was the one supported by whoever was still standing after everyone else decided they didn't have the energy for such a discussion (I think it was Anne). It's one of the (many) discussions that make me wish W3C would put together a black box Bikeshed Coordination Group to which WGs would farm off such disagreements and the decisions of which would be final :)

Doug and I had suggested WRAP: Web Resource Application Packaging. I still think it's the best contender so long as Packaging for Interactive Multimedia Presentations remains off the table. Certainly beats Pouah!

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