Re: [widget] technology/specification name

In the webinos project [1] we are using installed vs hosted web apps.

On 23/06/11 15:58, Karl Dubost wrote:
> I do not want to start a name bikeshedding.
> The name doesn't bother me so far, but I have seen that comment again and again.
>      On Thu, 23 Jun 2011 14:06:24 GMT
>      In Bruce Lawson’s personal site : Installable web apps and interoperability
>      At
>      Installable apps (in W3C parlance, Widgets – which
>      is a terrible name) allow authors to write apps
>      using HTML(5), CSS, JavaScript, SVG etc, and
>      package them up into a glorified Zip file with
>      some configuration details which can then be
>      installed on a computer.
> It seems that "extensions" or "addons" would be more cognitively connected with Web developers.
>      y'know, so terrible is the W3C “Widgets” name
>      that I didn't even think it referred to the
>      same thing as Chrome’s apps, et al.
>      —


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