Re: RfC: moving Web Storage to WG Note; deadline June 29

A proposal,

Le 22 juin 2011 à 13:50, Arthur Barstow a écrit :
> participants: Candidate Recommendations require Director's approval and the decision to publish a Recommendation is subject to feedback from the entire W3C Membership (WebApps includes only 24 of the 325 W3C Members).

We usually never exit a phase but enter a phase in the W3C Process.

W3C Working Draft 08 February 2011

The last Editor's Draft 21 June 2011

Is there enough time, energy to produce an implementation report for the current spec features? Specifically from the people who have implemented it. 

Opera has a simili implementation report
with the explicit following mention

   Opera Presto does not currently support: 
       Structured storage 
       Storage mutex

What about others?

It will help to see if there is work needed to reduce the specification, abandon it, etc.

Karl Dubost -
Developer Relations & Tools, Opera Software

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