Re: Publishing an update of File API spec

> Hi Arun, Jonas, All,
> The last publication of the File API spec [ED] was last October so it 
> would be good to publish a new Working Draft in
> Since Tracker shows 0 bugs for the spec [Tracker] and the ED does not 
> appear to identify any open issues, does the spec meet the Last Call 
> Working Draft requirements (as, indicated in previous CfCs for LCWD 
> such as [CfC-LCWD])?

(Apologies for the tardiness of this response -- I only had intermittent 
access to this email account for the past few weeks).

I'm ok with publishing a LCWD after I address comments received on this 
listserv.  Right now, most of the spec issues have occurred in the 
listserv, without use of [Tracker], but I think it useful to start using 
[Tracker] as workflow here.
> If not, what is the schedule and plan to get this spec "LC ready"?
> In case people missed it, Arun started a discussion about the blob URI 
> scheme on the URI mail list:

The URI listserv gave me some feedback which I intend to take into 
account (mainly, clarifying spec. changes, an explanation of why other 
schemes weren't chosen first including urn:uuid, and then a reinitation 
of the discussion), but I'm not certain what the correct course of 
action after I make the changes are.  I'm not sure that this scheme 
needs to be an IETF RFC, for example, but that's an open question.  I'm 
also not certain that this question needs to block LCWD status.

Course of action might be:

1. Fix spec. nits in ED based on feedback on listservs -- URI, 
public-webapps, and WHATWG.

2. Initiate LCWD based on ED.

I definitely hope to finish 1. by June 27.  Can we go straight to the 
LCWD process after that?

-- A*

Received on Tuesday, 21 June 2011 16:55:12 UTC