Re: WebApps-ISSUE-181 (FileError-Name): Use case for FileError and FileException name attribute [File API]

> Web Applications Working Group Issue Tracker:
>> FileError [1] and FileException [2] both define a DOMString attribute
>> called name that contains the name of the error/exception constant as
>> a string. Since this is not a useful "human readable" error message,
>> and developers should be encouraged to write code that compares
>> against the code attribute, it's not clear what the purpose of 'name'
>> is. We'd prefer to remove it.
> Web IDL specifies that exceptions in ECMAScript will have a name
> property on their prototype whose value is the identifier of the
> interface.  If name is removed from FileException (and
> OperationNotAllowedException, which I also would recommend), then you
> will have ` == "FileException"`.
I'll make this change in keeping with WebIDL and ECMAScript.

-- A*

Received on Tuesday, 21 June 2011 16:37:16 UTC