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[Bug 9786] WebIDL bugs in IndexedDB spec

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Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 21:46:08 +0000
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Eliot Graff <eliotgra@microsoft.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Eliot Graff <eliotgra@microsoft.com> 2011-05-24 21:46:05 UTC ---
> * none of the interfaces/exceptions are marked with the extended
> attribute [NoInterfaceObject] — I doubt they are all meant to be visible
> in the global namespace

These interfaces are marked with [NoInterfaceObject]:

> * The IDBDatabaseException Interface uses the "attribute" keyword for
> "code" and "message" - exceptions don't have attributes, the keyword
> should be removed

"attribute" keyword removed from both.

> * IDBDatabaseSync.createObjectStore uses an extended attribute
> "[Null=Null]" on its second parameter - I suspect it was meant to be
> "[TreatUndefinedAs=Null]", and if so, the type of the parameter should
> be "DOMString?" rather than DOMString

Cannot repro. I believe this was removed previously.

> Based on the discussions on the list, and as the beginning of 3.3 seems 
> to allude to, synchronous operations are only going to be used in
> Workers; I suggest to state that clearly, and also to start the first
> example of the spec with the async example if that's the one that is
> most likely to be used.

Section 3.3 begins:
“The synchronous database API methods provide a blocking access pattern to
IndexedDB databases. Since they block the calling thread they are only
available from workers.”

The first sample is asynchronous.

I believe that this covers all of the requests in this bug. I am going to go
ahead and resolve it. Let me know if there's anything else needed for this one.



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