Re: clipboard events

On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 8:41 AM, timeless <> wrote:
> I'm not really excited by the return of the attack on context menus.
> Allowing web sites to hold user's browsers hostage is a bad starting
> point. It might be ok if the user had to first opt into rich editing -
> maybe.
> Note that we only recently added protection for users against 'what
> you see is not what you copy' (serializers are now fairly css aware).

Neither do I but it's a user agent issue to provide ways to override
sites using this feature in a way that affects user negatively,
because the feature and the use case is legitimate.

Anyway, it would not introduce a new problem given that overriding
clipboard contents is done already, although by a select few, using
plugins, or if copy events are supported, after the copy event, using

So ignoring the use case just gives a false sense of security.

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