Re: [File API: FileSystem] Path restrictions and case-sensitivity

On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 11:04 PM, Charles Pritchard <> wrote:
> The one take-away I have from that bug: it would have been nice to have a
> more descriptive error message.
> It took awhile to figure out that the path length was too long for the
> implementation.

if the exception included a suggested legal / available filename,
would that have helped?

e.g. if i try to create a file whose name is 2345 characters long, and
my exception suggests a file that's 255 characters long (probably via
truncation, although possibly using some tilde stuff or whatever), i
suspect i might be able to figure out that it's a 256 character limit.
Similarly if i try to create a file w/ a <:> in it, and i get an
exception with a file that doesn't have one, i might be able to
understand what's going wrong and what to do.

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