Re: Model-driven Views

Have you heard of knockout.js? It's an MVVM pattern based on JQuery, if
you're not aware of it you may be interested to see their approach.

Official site:

Recent MIX event:

Just FYI as it was related...

On 23 April 2011 01:35, Rafael Weinstein <> wrote:

> Myself and a few other chromium folks have been working on a design
> for a formalized separation between View and Model in the browser,
> with needs of web applications being the primary motivator.
> Our ideas are implemented as an experimental Javascript library:
> and the basic design is described here:
> It's not
> complete and there are things we're not happy with, but it's
> self-consistent enough that you can start to imagine what a full
> design might look like.
> We hope to get others interested in collecting requirements/use cases
> and fleshing out a good solution.
> We're starting the discussion here because a few people in this group
> from whom we got early feedback felt that it would be most appropriate
> place and, further, that this work bears some relation to XBL.
> What do you think?

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