Re: [FileAPI] Seeking status and plan

On 4/11/11 9:38 AM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Hi Arun, Jonas - what is the status/plan for the File API spec?
> What remains to be done before the spec is "LC ready"?


A few things need to be done:

1. There continue to be a few spec. nits about multiple read calls; 
these have to be addressed.
2. We'll have to make the pieces of the spec. that address asynchronous 
events more in keeping with HTML5
3. There'll have to be some discussion about the blob: scheme.
> (Tracker shows 0 bugs and WebApps does not have a Bugzilla component 
> for this spec).

We can use Tracker and create the component if it is helpful; we used 
the public listserv and didn't really use the Bugzilla component or 
Tracker (except after F2Fs).

Regarding plan:

I'd like to tackle 1-3 (allowing time for discussion), and put this on 
the LC track by May 1.  Does that seem acceptable?

-- A*

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